Our courses are designed for every level of craftsman, player, and hobbyist. Whether you have built every piece of furniture in your house or never picked up a tool in your life, we will successfully guide you through the process to the completion of your custom acoustic guitar. We have something to offer to everyone of any skill set.

Acoustic Guitar Building Course

Learn to build a one-of-a-kind custom acoustic guitar from scratch. Choosing all of your very own timbers and body style. This course allows you to customize your very own guitar using all sorts power tools, hand tools, layout, and woodworking techniques alongside our Luthier. There is no previous experience required. This course takes approximately 150hrs to complete (depending on previous skill level, time can vary slightly). You will walk away with your own custom made acoustic guitar, handcrafted by yourself, in a hard carry case. Course cost is $3500.00 with everything included. Give us a call and get started on your life changing adventure today!